RTG Blackjack Review

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RealTime Gaming, also known as RTG, take their gaming seriously. Blackjack games are indisputable proof of the provider’s professionalism and superior quality.


Blackjack is among the oldest and well-established gambling activities on the globe. It has a number of variations, all of which are played almost everywhere around the world. Regardless of the variation, the basic point is to obtain the infamous 21 or to beat the dealer’s overall score.

Blackjack players who play the game online are classified into two major groups: those who play to have fun, and those who play for a win. Those who play for entertainment commonly stick to their strategies and sometimes dare to experiment with techniques such as a double and a split. They primarily adhere to the dealer’s rule “hit on 16, stand on 17.” This sort of players is satisfied with simply participating in the game.

Contrary to them, those players whose goal is to win are aware that obtaining a blackjack or beating the dealer is not the sole point of the game. Since they are playing to win, they will use every single card and its opportunity to win big. Also, if they have a chance, they will immediately split or double if they think they are lucky. Moreover, they won’t hesitate to perform both if they feel extra lucky.

General Rules

Playing blackjack is far easier than you may think. This table game belongs to the group of games that rely on knowledge and strategies rather than pure luck. But before you work out the techniques, it is essential to learn the rules. Here are the basic ones.

  • The maximum number of participants is eight (seven players plus the dealer). However, regardless of the overall number, the dealer is your key opponent. To win the game, you must beat the dealer;
  • Traditionally, the game requires four decks consisting of 52 cards. The dealer reshuffles the cards after each hand;
  • In terms of dealer’s hits, they have to hit a soft 17 (if an Ace is incorporated in the pair). Alternatively, they have to remain on a hard 17;
  • All variants of blackjack, except European, allow players to double any of the initial two cards;
  • Provided that the Surrender option is applicable, players may regain half of their original bet. This option is possible solely for the two initial cards;
  • Doubling may follow splitting;
  • Resplitting the cards is not allowed;
  • If splitting a couple of Aces, players may receive only one extra card for every Ace.

The minimum bet amounts to $1 whereas the maximum is $250. A progressive jackpot is not available. RTG casinos allow their players to play for real money and win some cash, or to have fun and play for free.

The Table Layout

rtg-Blackjack table

The traditional RTG blackjack table resembles the ones you can encounter in land-based casinos. It is semi-circular, with a green surface. The entire table looks soft and elegant. Each player has their own position at the table, while the dealer is positioned opposite the players. The markings on the table indicate where you should place your chips before the cards are dealt. The chips are located at your right-hand side. Split, Double, Stand, Hit, and Rebet buttons are right in front of you.

Game Variations

RealTime Gaming offers their players a diversity of blackjack variants with the sole purpose of satisfying the players’ needs. The following variations are at their disposal.

Standard Blackjack

This is a typical blackjack game which requires six-card decks for the gameplay. The primary goal is the classic one — to obtain a total which amounts to 21 or close, but not exceed it. When a player obtains the necessary total, the dealer loses the game.

The game employs the standard rules. The dealer reshuffles cards after every hand, and they must apply the soft 17 rule. Players have a variety of options at their disposal. They can hit, split, double down, surrender, stand or place an insurance wager.

Every online casino operated by RTG offers this standard version of blackjack. Some even incorporate single and double deck variants. Their gameplay is identical, apart from the number of card decks. However, the double deck variant does not offer the surrender option.

European Blackjack

The basic difference between the standard and European variant of blackjack lies in the fact that the dealer will not get the second card until all participants make their decisions. Six-card decks are used for playing the game.

The majority of options are almost identical, except for the surrender. This option is not applicable in the European variant. Besides, players can double down dealings that amount 9–11 solely.


This is among the most famous variants of RTG blackjack. Even though it stems from the standard version, some of its features are quite different from the traditional one.

In this version, both cards that the dealer receives are laid on the table with their face down. Again, this option goes in the dealer’s favor as it makes playing more complicated from the player’s perspective. However, this detriment is neutralized with a greater payment every time players obtain a Pontoon (21). Pontoon is actually a common blackjack comprising a combination of an Ace and ten-valued card.

Another thing that makes this variant unique is referred to as Five Card Trick. This option is achieved by obtaining five cards without going bust.

Face up 21

This variant has an identical objective as the standard version. It is played with eight decks that the dealer shuffles after every hand. However, all 10s are taken out, so that there isn’t a single one in the deck. Even though removing 10s goes in the dealer’s favor, other players are offered special payouts to compensate for this.

Face up 21 differs from the traditional version in other terms as well. Namely, players may double down on any number of cards, but only once. Surrender is applicable, but if you do it after you have doubled down, that part of your wager is lost.

Super 21

This is yet another blackjack variant played with eight-card decks. But its rules are slightly different from other variants. Namely, blackjack receives even money, apart from the cases in which it is obtained with diamonds.

The Double down option is available, as well as the double down rescue and the surrender rule. But there is one extra rule that makes this version stand out from the rest. Namely, if a player manages to obtain a hand that consists of six or more cards but without going bust, they will immediately win the game. The same goes for the case in which players obtain a hand that consists of five or more cards and amounts to 21, along with any blackjack which is obtained with no splitting hands.

Perfect Pairs

This version of the game is identical to the standard variant. The greatest and the only difference is that players have the option to make a side bet named perfect pairs to obtain multiple winning alternatives.

To participate in the bonus bet of Perfect Pairs variant, players must place their wagers prior to dealing the cards. They receive the bonus if they obtain a pair. The dealer’s hand never impacts the perfect pair whatsoever.


Regardless of whether you are playing for fun or real money, all variants of RTG blackjack games will promise you great entertainment. The game is not complicated at all, but at the same time, it demands certain strategies to beat the dealer and earn some cash. However, the perfect combo of luck and exquisite techniques will undoubtedly grant you a significant sum. So waste no time, hit the “Deal” button, and enjoy your favorite variant of RTG blackjack game.