RTG 7 Stud Video Poker Review

By bovegascasinoreview.com

RealTime Gaming’ 7 Stud Poker has innovative rules to help create a game which is more interesting for players. Read the entire review to find out more about video poker.

RTG Stud Poker With a Twist

Although the poker hand usually deals five cards, this innovative game by RTG deals seven, making the video poker more interesting. The company introduces the thrill of big wins through bonus bets.

RTG is one of the first names in the casino gaming industry to appear online. The company has more than 20 years of experience in casino games developing. The extensive portfolio offers over 300 games in more than 100 casinos. The RTG was a pioneer in the multiplayer software, and their Android versions have the smoothest play in the industry. Due to the excellent graphics and impressive payout of 98%, the company’s software is popular, especially among slot game players.

7 Stud Video Poker is available in all casinos powered by RTG. The game actually derived from the rules of standard Stud poker. To make it more appealing to the players, the developers added a twist to the game. Instead of five, the hand deals seven cards facing up, and lets the player choose which cards to hold. The challenging goal is to achieve the winning poker hand, as illustrated in the payment table. The minimum bet size the player can place before starting the game is $0.25, and the maximum is $5.00.

The design of games interface, although easily navigated, tells little about the date of the release. Although much similar to other poker games, 7 Stud Video Poker has a vintage design resembling the 1930s and depicting the age when gambling was legalized in the United States. The thrill of the game is in the challenge to get to that winning hand.

How to Play 7 Stud Poker

Similar to other video poker games, 7 Stud’s final hand has to be compared with the RTG’s payout table. The company wanted to spice things up and make the game more interesting. In 7 Stud Poker, the game deals seven playing cards and chooses only the best five. The cards are revealed in separate stages, with the opportunity to increase the wagered amount before each one of them starts.

At the very beginning of the game, the player needs to transfer the credit to the video poker bank. The player can choose the coin number from 1 to 5. The first hand deals seven cards face down, with only the first and third card turned face up. At any stage between the hands, the player can choose to click the Deal All button and expose all their cards. If the game continues, the player is required to bet according to the previous wager, where the following deal reveals the fifth card.

To continue, the player bets again and presses the Deal button, which exposes the sixth card. The final stage presents all the cards, and the player can do so without placing any bets.

The game automatically highlights the player’s five best cards. The result is compared according to the paytable. If the hand is lower than three of a kind, then there is no payout. The three of a kind pays in the ratio of 1:1. The highest possible payout is the Royal Flush, which pays out in a ratio of 25:1. The RTG software automatically adjusts the wagered number of coins. Therefore, the numbers in total payout block are also in coins.

Special Features

Bonus Bet — The 7 Stud offers a Bonus Bet with the separate paytable. The Bet allows the player to win if they select the card value and place all four wagers. The game of predicting the face-down card goes on by clicking the Small or Big card. If the player is right and the winning is a Straight or higher, the bonus doubles the money wagered. However, if the hand reveals a card with a number Seven, the wager is lost.

Wild Cards — Jokers replace any card in the deck. The game occasionally deals no Jokers or even two during the rounds. The Joker card can be used to make up for Full House or any other winning poker hands.

The 7 Stud Poker, developed by RealTime Gaming, seems like any other poker video game. The design is similar to many others, but what makes the game interesting is the hand with seven cards. Additionally, a choice given to the player makes the game different. However, although the concept is innovative, the overall experience makes it no different than other poker games. RTG has excellent graphics design when it comes to slots, but it seems they gave less attention to the poker.