French Roulette Review


French Roulette is, counterintuitively, one of the least played variants of the prominent casino game. We speculate that is due to the fact that some of the bets are in French, making it difficult for gamblers to accommodate. Online French Roulette by RTG, however, solves the issue and provides an experience anybody can enjoy.

Game Details

RTG’s French Roulette game, as any other, offers a fantastic RTP of 98.65%, provided you wager on even money bets. That means the house edge is nearly halved compared to European Roulette. Due to the fact that American Roulette provides an even lower casino edge than European, it’s evident that anyone chasing serious profits should choose the French variant.

The min and max bets can vary from casino to casino, but the minimums are never outrageous, usually being a dollar or less. Alternately, the maximum can vary more noticeably, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Game Description

RTG paid great attention to detail when crafting this online variation of the prominent game. Its visuals will make you feel like you’re at a French Roulette table in Monte Carlo rather than in the comfort of your own home. The virtual table is tailored from a lovely red material, with stacks of chips off to the side of the wheel.

The wagers, as you hover over them, make the numbers they cover light up, providing helpful visual feedback, as well as helping you understand what the bets, written in their French names, mean. The UI is inconspicuous, tucked at the bottom of your screen not to bother you while betting. A history of recent numbers is visible in the top right.

What surprised us about the French Roulette game was how effortlessly it ran despite the great visuals. Many casino games don’t look to optimize their performance, so the smoothness of this one is a welcome surprise.

How to Play

A game of French Roulette online doesn’t differ much from its other two variants or playing Roulette for real. You place your bet, the wheel spins, and it decides your fate. But the three versions do have their distinctions. American Roulette, as we know, has 0 and 00 fields. European and French Roulette wheels, however, only feature one 0, making it appear as only the table layouts separate them.

The actual difference and reason for the lower RTP of the French version is a particular roulette rule. Namely, French Roulette can use either the en prison or la partage rule. RTG’s variation uses la partage, so we’ll go a bit more into detail concerning it.

On even money bets, like red or black, la partage dictates that players get half their wager back if the ball lands on a 0. That makes it so you only lose your entire wager if you’re unlucky enough to have the ball fall on the opposite bet.

The other differences are a few additional bets the French table provides. The call and neighbor bets can be accessed by clicking on the identically named button in the bottom right section. Once you get a pop-up, you can hover each bet to see exactly which numbers they cover. An excellent side-benefit of the button is that you can check the cold and hot numbers.


If you’re looking to prepare a bit before putting real money in, you can always play a free online roulette game. And if you’re already inclined to invest real money, French Roulette should be the indisputable choice. RTG crafted a version that’s visually pleasing, smooth, and reliable, which earned it our seal of approval.