Football Frenzy Slot Review


Slots modeled after sports are always a welcome addition to an online casino’s collection. Sports fans often flock to these games disregarding how well they are done. If you’re, however, someone who wants both the theme and quality, we got you covered with our Football Frenzy review.

Game Details

Football Frenzy by RTG is a slot game released back in 2014, but don’t let that fool you — it still holds up exceptionally well. RealTime Gaming made sure to polish the game to a great extent, showing once again why they are one of the leading names in the gambling industry.

The game is great for both players on a budget and those who don’t need to worry about money as much. It offers gamblers an opportunity to spread from as low as half a coin to 12.5 coins across its 50 paylines. There’s no way to pick a coin denomination, so each coin will be worth a one of whichever currency unit the casino you play at allows.

One thing that worries us, though, is the lack of clear RTP data. Every seasoned gambler is aware not to invest too heavily into games with undisclosed RTP. So if you’re not playing for fun and are instead spending real money, be cautious.

The things that offset the uncertainty about RTP, however, are the major and minor progressive jackpots. Them being progressive, as many players know, means they can reach enormous sums depending on the last time someone claimed them. Even besides the jackpots, getting five Stadium scatter symbols awards you 500x your bet, making it tempting to try your luck at this slot game.

A multitude of bonus features is available while you play Football Frenzy. The bonuses include free spins, games, and even two separate game modes.

Game Description

Aesthetically, the game withheld the test of time extraordinarily well. The team handling Football Frenzy’s art definitely deserves a pat on the back. Each symbol is beautifully drawn, some even being animated when certain conditions are met. The game is set to a football field backdrop, and the design of the UI is filled with the spirit of football.

The sound design doesn’t lack at all, either. A theme suited for football videogames of the past plays while you spin the reels, and the noise when you win is satisfying. Although, a problem with many slot games is that you hear the sounds so often you just grow bored of them and turn them off altogether.

The animations are another highlight of the game. The animated symbols look amazing when they occur, and the reels spinning and stopping visuals feel crisp. Despite all this, the game is slick even on dated devices, making us confident that whoever at RTG made it put in a lot of effort.

How to Play

Those of you who have played slots before won’t have may difficulties accommodating to Football Frenzy. For the most part, it works like a standard slot machine. The number of paylines gets a bit crazy, though, with 50 of them spanning across the reels.

Furthermore, the game features an autoplay option, which can be customized to stop at particular thresholds or when a jackpot is triggered. There’s also a manual spin and skill stop, and you can choose from the two modes of the game in the upper left corner. In the top right, you can see the major and minor jackpots. Additionally, the help tab is there for players who wish to examine the rules more carefully. The game, like many others, pays from left to right.

Special Features

The most innovative thing Football Frenzy provides are the striker and lucky modes. The game allows you to choose between these two, the striker mode tripling each win off of free spins, and lucky possessing an opportunity to trigger a bonus game each time the reels stop. Once the free kick games are triggered, the user also gets eight free spins.

The scatters, represented as football stadiums, also offer chances of insane bonuses wherever they appear, with five of them allowing for 100 free spins. Those spins have a chance of a bonus ball appearing, and it gives players a shot at winning up to 100x their initial wager via penalty shots. Up to two golden balls can appear during the penalty shots, both tripling the prize you’ve earned, bringing the total amount you can win to a whopping 900x your bet. The penalty kick bonus, unfortunately, isn’t a skill game but is instead completely random.

The striker wild symbol is there to help you achieve a winning combination, acting as a fill-in for any but the scatter symbols. The striker will even be kind enough to double the winnings of the combo he helped assemble.


All in all, the game manages to achieve stunning audiovisual fidelity while providing seemingly good chances for gamblers. The fact that the exact odds aren’t disclosed, though, makes us indecisive about recommending Football Frenzy as your main cash sink. If we take money out of the equation, though, we can without a doubt say that you can get a blast out of the game.