Food Fight Slot Review


A wide array of online slot games are ready and available at thousands of online casinos online. Food Fight by RTG is one of those slots and stands out for its simplicity. While those looking for exciting graphics and tons of lines may not find the game compelling enough, those in search of a modest experience are likely to be satisfied.

Game Details

As mentioned, Food Fight is a video slot game manufactured by one of the most reliable companies in the gambling world — RTG.

It offers a decent RTP of 95%, which is more than most land-based casinos do, but not fantastic for online slot machines. For budget players though, the game is excellent, offering only nine paylines on its five reels. That makes the minimum bet only one coin if betting on one line, and a measly nine if you’re betting on all of them. Of course, you can bet more than one on each line, up to a cap of five, making the maximum bet 45 coins.

You can set the coin denomination, for which the min and max offer different from casino to casino. The minimum will generally be somewhere from a nickel to 50 cents. The max is most commonly $5, which combined with the highest bet would make each spin cost $225.

The game offers an ever-growing progressive jackpot, which can be spotted above the reels. A bonus feature, in the form of an actual food fight, can be unlocked through playing.

Game Description

Audio-visually, the game falls behind modern slot machines. The symbols are simple drawings of food, and the sounds aren’t really anything to write home about. It’s clear where the idea for the game came from, and it’s definitely solid, but the execution is lackluster.

Vintage slot machine enthusiasts might find the feel of the game enjoyable, though. It’s not precisely fruits, but still has a nice retro feel to it.

How to Play

Playing Food Fight comes down to, as with most slots, spinning reels and hoping you get lucky. To bolster your profits, you’ll be looking for the scatter symbols; namely ice cream scatter bonus. Receiving the three different parts anywhere on the reels, ice cream cone, ball of ice cream, and topping, awards you with a bonus based on your initial wager.

Additionally, pie pieces can unlock the Food Fight bonus game we mentioned, allowing you to toss pies at people. You’ll keep this up until you miss or hit the max, which is 3,960 credits assuming you were at the highest bet.

The progressive jackpot many players dream about can be achieved by maxing out your bet and managing to place five chocolate pudding symbols on one reel. You can press the red paytable button in the lower-left to check out how much money other combinations of symbols will bring

It’s worth noting that each five-symbol combo increases in value once you invest the highest wager. For example, five pastas will bring 500 coins if your bet is one, and grows by the same amount for each additional coin you invest. Logically, this would mean it’s 2,500 at five coins, but instead, it expands to 3,500.

The other features of the game are what you can see in most other slots.

The blue lines button allows you to select how many paylines you want to be active. The yellow bet one increases your wager by one coin or resets it to one if you’re already at five. There’s a self-explanatory orange spin button, and a bet max, which instantly puts your total bet at five coins and maxes out your lines. Bet max doesn’t change the value you assigned to your coins, which you can modify by using the yellow arrows next to it.

There doesn’t seem to be an option for skill-stopping, and the game doesn’t feature ways to obtain free spins.


Online casino games, especially the vastly profitable slots, have rapidly evolved. Food Fight traded that evolution for a more simplistic and straightforward experience. While that might not be for everyone, those tired of 5–20 and 5–25 slots we’re accustomed to seeing online can surely get enjoyment out of it.