Fish Catch Slot Review


RealTime Gaming Asia has developed a whole new breed of slot games, not involving spinning reels or winning combinations. The goal here is simple — catch as many fish within the time limit of the rounds, with each fish bringing in a predetermined amount of funds.

Game Details

Fish Catch by RTG is a recent game, having debuted in December of 2018, and is aimed at grabbing hold of Millenials — a market that’s been eluding the gambling industry. The game offers wagers as low as 0.01 credits and goes up to 50. The low bets seem deceptive, though, as you’re often firing multiple bullets per second, and each takes as much as your wager.

Once you set your initial wager, you can select any of the five types of guns with multipliers of 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 times, respectively, so choose wisely. Selecting any weapon will hide fish with a lower value than your wager from your screen, acting as a useful safety mechanism for your earnings.

The maximum bet, if you select both the highest initial wager and the cannon, is 500 credits per shot. That makes the game very volatile, as you often need more than one bullet to kill a fish, and 500 per shot can leave you broke quickly. High rollers, however, will welcome this feature.

The RTP of the game is currently unknown, which makes us hesitant to recommend it to serious gamblers. It offers one bonus, namely, the mermaid’s luck feature, which gets triggered randomly.

Game Description

By far the most impressive thing about the Fish Catch game is its audiovisual design. The teams developing these two aspects really outdid themselves and deserve recognition. The initial wagers each have a character attributed to them, with the 0.01 bet having a clownfish on it. Some of you might recognize the fish from the beloved Finding Nemo animation.

Once you enter the game, bubbly ocean melodies greet you, and the backdrop of four ocean floors ranging from neutral to colorful will be a treat for your eyes. You can pick any of the four floors to play on by clicking on a section of the minimap, located in the top right corner. Each of the 20 fish species is beautifully crafted in 2.5D, and even the cannons you shoot out of are neatly designed.

The rarer fish — the ones that can’t be found on the screen at any time — get a special announcement once they appear. They are marked on the minimap, so you know which of the screens you can shoot them on.

Each sea creature, additionally, has a health bar under it once you shoot it for the first time, and its credit value displays once you hover it. That system is a great way to convey information while at the same time, avoids visual clutter.

And if you’d like to see the health bar and values at all times, you can press the fish info button near the lower right corner of the screen.

How to Play

The rules of this game are different than regular casino games as you could presumably tell already. Hitting a fish with a bullet has a random chance of awarding you with money — the closer the value of your bullet and the fish, the higher the probability. Hitting one fish multiple times gives it a higher chance of “breaking” and giving you a payout. The exact odds, unfortunately, haven’t been disclosed by RTG.

A unique feature that we’ve mentioned before are the four backgrounds that can be switched. Maybe instead of backgrounds, it would be better to name them areas, as each contains different combinations and positioning of fish. The four areas the game contains provide the chance for up to four players playing together, which is another distinctive feature of the game.

This game has multiple features — semi and full-automatic ones — auto-aim being the former and auto-fish the latter. Auto-aim lets you target a particular fish; your cannon will then shoot at it until you catch it or it goes off-screen. Auto-fish enables you to select one or more species of fish, and your gun will shoot any critter of that variety as long as there are any on the display.

It’s vital to know that both of these features are different gameplay-wise from manual play. When you’re shooting manually by pressing on the display, your bullets can get intercepted by the fish in front of the one you intended to hit. Automatic modes avoid this issue, since their bullets pass through everything on their way to the target.

There’s another notable thing that affects changing the section you’re playing on and automatic play. Bullets that were automatically fired after the one that kills the fish auto-aim/shoot were targeting will disappear. The same thing will happen to shots that are in the air while you’re switching from one area to another. The bolts that go missing this way get refunded, though, so there’s not much need to worry.

We are unsure whether the last thing we mentioned is a bug or intentionally programmed, but it might cause confusion for those playing fish catch unaware of the interaction.

The mermaid’s luck special feature was already mentioned; there’s not really much need for an explanation either. A wheel will randomly pop up in the left section of the game and spin — it functions similarly to a big-six wheel and gives you a prize based on the initial value of your shot. The maximum award equals $2,500.


The game, due to its innovations, pretty graphics, and polished audio, is sure to become a staple at online casinos. It’s a fun game, and we can see how it would attract new gamblers. Fun isn’t the only factor you should take into account when handling real money, though. Unfortunately, until more about the game’s odds is revealed, we can’t recommend sinking too much currency into it.