Double Bonus Poker Review


Video poker games are among the favorite pastimes of online gamblers. If you fancy yourself one, and you are looking for a quality title, look no further than Double Bonus Poker (RTG). Simple, yet addictive, it’s an instant classic with video poker players. What makes it special? Read this review in order to understand.

Game Details

The developer behind this game is none other than the industry-favorite, RealTime Gaming. Therefore, you can expect nothing less than greatness! They released it in 2016, to the positive reception of players around the globe.

If you wish to bet with this game, your wagering options are 5¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, and $5 (in addition to choosing between one and five coins). Should you luck out with the maximum coin and bet amount, you may wind up winning 4,000 coins! Furthermore, the RTP on this game is at a soaring 98.57% and even higher depending on where you play.

Here’s an overview of Double Bonus Poker video poker features:

  • Type: video poker
  • RTP: 98.57%
  • Minimum bet: 5¢
  • Maximum bet: $5
  • Minimum coins: 1
  • Maximum coins: 5
  • Maximum payout: 4,000 coins

Description: Video and Audio

The graphics in this game are as crisp as you would expect and hope for in a video poker game. It’s nothing fancy to be sure, but it needn’t be that way. The visuals’ job is not to bore you to tears and not to distract you from the gameplay. In those respects, this Double Bonus video poker game performs admirably.

Everything here is easily navigable, so you’ll have to try really hard to become confused. Most of the screen is dedicated to the chart of possible winnings for each hand and number of coins you invest. Below that, you’ll see the five cards with which you play as well as your main command buttons. Speaking of which, here are the three buttons with which you interact (going left to right):

  • Bet One: toggles between the number of coins you wish to stake
  • Deal/Draw: reveals and switches the cards
  • Bet Max: automatically bumps your bet up to five coins

Finally, you have a few indicators in the bottom-right corner. These inform you about your current balance, coins played, credit won, and coin size. All of the above is set against a plain background laden with card symbols. Overall, it’s quite clear and basic, which is exactly what you need.

Double-Bonus-PokerAt the audio department, you really shouldn’t hold your breath for spectacular scores of any capacity. The most you’ll hear is tiny sound bytes that click and chirp whenever you click a button or card. Again, there’s no need for excessive frills here, so that’s completely fine. Feel free to blast your favorite tunes on another tab and play away!


Double Bonus is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. When you enter the game, you can opt to play either for real money or just for fun. The latter version comes recommended for those who wish to test out this title for the first time. For the purpose of this explanation, let’s say you chose to play for money although the gameplay remains mostly the same.

You should determine your preferred coin amount and number before making any move. Determining the coin number is as simple as clicking the Bet One button. Alternatively, you can immediately stake five coins via the Bet Max button. Once you’ve gotten your specifications out of the way, you proceed to the game proper.

You’ll see five cards presented to you, all of them facing down. Press Deal, and the virtual dealer turns them face-up, revealing them to you. After the initial turn, you go through one more prior to finishing the round. Before you do, however, you can hold on to some of the cards you like in the first turn. Select those, and you’ll see HOLD written on them. These will not be switched in the second turn. Any number of cards can be held, from all to none.

When you’ve chosen the cards you want to keep, click Draw. This will change the cards you haven’t selected. Then, your final hand is determined as well as your winnings if any exist. How much cash you score depends on what hand you have, the number of coins you staked, and coin size.

Overall, the game’s rapid pacing keeps you glued to your seat, constantly promising yourself this is the last hand. You also have great odds of winning, so it’s fair too. Simple, engaging, and fun!

Hands That Pay

Winning hands include:

  • pairs of Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces,
  • two pairs,
  • three of a kind,
  • straight,
  • flush,
  • full house,
  • four fives through Kings,
  • four twos, threes, and fours,
  • four Aces
  • straight flush,
  • royal flush

Special Features

Next to the gameplay we explored above, there also exists the Gamble feature. Namely, whenever you get a paying hand, an additional option appears. The game will ask you if you want an opportunity to double what you’ve won. If you answer by pressing the No button, you keep your money from the round as is. But if you press Yes, the Gamble game begins.

This feature is extremely simple. The virtual dealer lays out five cards, revealing only one. This is the dealer’s card. In order to win, you have to draw a card of higher value than the dealer’s. Succeed, and the game doubles that round’s winnings. Fail, and you lose said winnings. That’s basically everything about the feature. If you prefer to keep it safe, avoid this feature.

Another peculiar thing about this title is that it offers greater wins for collecting a four of a kind. For four Aces, you acquire 800 coins (5 coin bet). Four twos, threes, or fours mean 400 coins, while four fives through Kings entail winning 225 coins.


As this Double Bonus Poker video poker review has hopefully depicted, this is an outstanding virtual poker game. It’s perfectly streamlined to do precisely what it’s supposed to do. You can fire off a succession of rounds without even realizing it. Furthermore, it promises high payouts for strong hands. It’s extremely satisfying, and it’ll keep you playing for a long while! We give it a glowing recommendation.