Deuces Wild Virtual Poker Review


Fans of virtual poker will love the unique spin Deuces Wild (RTG) put on the traditional formula. Its lightning-speed gameplay promises thrills for all poker lovers! But what sets it apart from the other casino games of this kind? This Deuces Wild Video Poker review will tell you exactly that.

Game Details

RealTime Gaming is the developer behind this online poker gem. In it, you’ve got a right to bet anything between one and five coins. These coins can be worth 5¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1 and $5. When you play Deuces Wild, your chances of profiting are outstanding, with an RTP of over 97%. And should you draw a Natural Royal Flush (no 2s), you automatically gain a massive 4,000 coins!

Here’s a quick rundown of the game’s basic features:

  • Number of cards: 52 cards
  • Wilds: 2s act like Wilds, replacing any card
  • Minimum winning hand: three of a kind
  • Bonus round: potential double winnings (more on that later)


The graphics are, at the very least, good enough for what they need to do. It’s poker we’re talking about here, after all. Smooth animations, a neat layout of information and commands, and an eye-pleasing color palette constitute everything you need from such a game. And Deuces Wild easily fulfills these demands. None of this is meant in a negative way, mind you, because the game genuinely looks appealing. It’s just that the minimum standards are somewhat low.

Since we’ve mentioned the layout, we should elaborate on that point. Everything on the screen looks well-organized and navigable, though a tiny bit colorful. The winnings table and cards take the lion’s share of the screen, while the rest is relegated to the intractable icons and other stats. You have only a few buttons at your disposal, so you won’t find yourself overwhelmed. Speaking of which, the buttons are:

  • Bet One: toggles between how many coins you wish to bet
  • Deal/Draw: prompts the virtual dealer to reveal your cards
  • Bet Max: automatically bets all five coins
  • Bet (top right corner): determines the coin’s value.

Beyond the clickable components, there’s also the balance indicator at the bottom left, as well as displays for coins and credits won. You won’t experience any trouble trying to figure out what’s what on the screen.

Audio-wise, the game is quite minimalistic. Besides a few simple sound-bytes chirping when you click buttons or collect winning hands (like full house, straight or flush), you’ll hardly hear anything. That’s fine too since most players tend just to load up their favorite music and let the cards fly!


The gameplay doesn’t involve a ton of complexity. The dealer shows you five face-down cards, upon which you have a few options. You can adjust your coin value or select how many coins to stake. And once you’ve gotten that out of your way, you click Deal, which reveals the cards.

You get to hold the ones you like and change the ones you don’t. It’s crucial to know that 2s (or deuces) act like jokers or wild cards, meaning that they can replace any card missing from a hand. Finally, after you click Draw, the cards are switched, and the round ends. Three of a kind is the weakest hand ranking to win with, so anything weaker won’t get you any cash.

Special Features

Deuces Wild Video Poker contains an interesting feature that triggers every time you win a round. Namely, once you get a viable hand, the machine will offer you an opportunity to double your win. If you accept, the dealer will show you his card and four others turned face-down. Your mission is to draw a higher card than theirs. Nothing bad happens if you fail, so you might as well try.


There’s something exciting about playing Deuces Wild. It most likely boils down to the fact that the game flows so rapidly that you want to play just one more hand. And before you know it, you’ve gone through ten more! Its bare-bones design makes it all about that quick satisfaction you get from the game’s instant response to your actions. If that sounds like something you would enjoy, then we gladly recommend you play it!