Craps RTG Review


Top-notch interface, outstanding gameplay, and high-quality graphic design are the main assets of any online casino’s game which came from RealTime Gaming workshop. Ever since its 1990s beginnings, the company built a name as the gaming industry’s giant. Their primary focus has always been developing a downloadable online casino software. However, oftentimes players decide to use the Instant Play option, and RealTime Gaming also offers this feature.

In the wealthy range of games the company already created, any player’s preference is pretty much covered. From video poker, roulette games, blackjack, poker, and of course — craps. Interestingly enough, there is only one developed craps variation from this company. But regardless, online casinos seem to offer craps players a choice of a distinctive set of rules.

Craps RTG payouts may vary from one online house to the other. So as the table limits at this craps table are adjustable, the amount you can place per every single bet also differs from one online casino to another. However, RealTime Gaming brings some excellent news — some particular States in the U.S. are accepted in most RTG’s casinos.

RealTime Gaming’s Benefits in Craps

In this craps RTG, we will pay special attention to plenty of benefits which can be more than useful for those dice rollers out there. Namely, crap fans can enjoy an experience which can only be described as the next best thing to a brick-and-mortar one. The software provider went the extra mile in order to deliver you authentic sounds, easy to navigate interface, and sharp visuals.

This particular variant of craps is more than suitable both for high-rollers and conservative players alike. There are so many distinctive denominations to pick — from $1, $5, $25, and the highest one, $100. But just like we previously said, these differ depending on the online casino of your preference. We were even able to find individual online houses which allow the players to place as high as $1,000 on a single roll of the dice.

If you are worried about the way you should place a bet, don’t be — it couldn’t be easier. Simply hover your mouse over the betting box on the screen. You should be able to see which bets are available because the layout will highlight the respective area, which will be an indicator of available boxes. In case the box turns red, it means that the current bet isn’t at your disposal for the time being.

For each type of wager, the bet limits are also listed. We have to say that this addition comes in handy, as it allows players to keep track of their wagers.

Frequently, players fear of making a mistake and place their chips in the wrong box. There is no need for panic because this issue is easily fixable. Simply click the “remove” button, and voila! You can also use the “clear all” button. This will make all bets you placed removed from the craps game layout.

At any given time, you can reduce or increase the amount of your bet. The only exceptions are “come” and “pass” bets. Assuming that you just won with an absolute bet, and now you want to roll the dice once again with the same amount. All you have to do in this case is to click the “repeat” button. This should save you some time and effort.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see a close-up shot of the two dice. This should allow you to keep track on the rolled combinations after each toss. You can adjust the sound, and turn the voice of the house dealer off if you happen to find this feature distracting. Also, there is the option of seeing the game in a full-screen mode. However, this way, you risk losing the sharpness, since this option merely shows a magnitude version of the little screen.

Craps Payouts

craps.This also represents a part of craps which pretty much depends on a casino which you choose to play at. Let’s provide an example here. Namely, some casinos tend to double on winning bets on twelve and two. On the other hand, others offer as high as triple the payout only on number twelve.

Our advice on this matter is to check the payouts for any Field bet before you place a wager. Even though this might take some extra time, it will have a long-term effect on your profit. Better safe than sorry, right?

So craps rules don’t change in this matter; RTG software is the same in any recommended casino. RealTime Gaming makes it possible for the players to back Come bets and Pass Line with some free odds. This way, you can have a backup on your real money to some extent. Thus, some online gambling houses use the software to double the odds, while others offer you the chance to decrease the house edge by tripling them.

Playing Craps Online

If you choose the comfort of your own home instead of hitting the road in order to visit the casino, you should know that this type of playing has some advantages. Other than avoiding the dark, crowded casino floors, people cheering really loud, and envious looks if you happen to be the lucky winner, there are some other benefits.

As we stated previously, navigation is a thing which is user-friendly and exceptionally easy. Players should have no trouble in finding their way around on their first visit. The betting limits are more than flexible. This makes the game appropriate for both craps novices, experienced players, and more aggressive ones among gamblers.

Interestingly enough, the game is a fast-paced one, but quite responsive nevertheless. It is highly unlikely that you will face some hitches or a frozen image during your game section.

Just like the vast majority of RTG games, craps is available in instant play, download, and mobile platform versions. This means that anytime you feel like rolling those dice, you have suitable options to do so.

How To Choose the Best Online Casino Which Offers RTG’s Craps

One of the most important things when it comes to picking the right online casino for your needs is the particular one’s reputation. If a casino is reputable, it should have a valid gambling license, fair terms and conditions, 24/7 customer support, decent welcome bonuses, and interesting games.

We can suggest some casinos which offer just this. If you like that Vegas vibe, BoVegas is the right choice for you. Also, Red Dog, Supernova, Golden Lion Casino, Cherry Gold, Eclipse and Exclusive Casino have RTG’s craps among many other exciting games. Well, after you pick the best online establishment, sign up, and you are just a couple of clicks away from your favorite craps. Nothing else to add here but — good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!