Caribbean Stud Poker RTG


Сaribbean Stud Poker is a variety of Caribbean-themed poker. At online casinos, it is one of the most popular games.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a sort of a table game at online casinos. Like Hold’em and Draw Poker, it is played against the house, i.e., the dealer. So it is a one-on-one game. Also, Caribbean Stud is very prominent in land-based casinos.

There are many stories about the background of the Caribbean Stud, but none of them sound more real than the next one.

According to that story, Stud Poker originated in the 16th-century Spain under the name Primera. Primera was a three-card game that furiously spread throughout Europe. In France, Germany, and on the British Isles, it was known by names Primero, Brag, Pochen, and Poque.

Until the end of the century, the game evolved and even included betting and bluffing strategies. French sailors brought it to the southern provinces of U. S. at the beginning of the 1700s. Around the 1930s, the game became popular in the Caribbean.

Vegas casinos adopted the game in the early 1980s. American professional poker player, David Slansky, standardized it and created Caribbean Stud. It was a mixture of five-card Stud Poker and Primera. According to the story, the name  Caribbean was given by Slansky, who spent some time playing poker on the Caribbean island of Aruba.

Caribbean Stud is similar in mechanics to Caribbean Draw Poker. There are fold, raise, and ante as betting options. A dealer gives out five-card hands as in Draw Poker. In the end, there is an option to place a side jackpot bet.

But the distinctive difference between those two is that Stud Poker does not permit the player to discard or replace two additional cards. So five cards are all the player gets, and there is no chance to improve the hand.

One of the reasons that players love this game is a quite low house edge. Players can enjoy long sessions without breaking the bank.

Caribbean Stud Poker RTG Review

Caribbean Stud Poker, developed and provided by RealTime Gaming (RTG), is one of a kind. Due to its provider’s reputation in the worldwide gaming industry, this Stud Poker is awesomely designed and sound-supported.

RTG is widely known in the online gaming industry as one of the best providers of gaming software for casinos. Many online casinos are RTG-powered. The company has existed since 1998.

Caribbean Stud Poker from RTG is a 5-card online table game. Common jackpot pool shared among this one, Caribbean Draw, and Hold’em Poker contributes to Stud’s attractiveness. Caribbean Stud is a first RTG’s game with an incorporated progressive jackpot.

Caribbean-Stud-poker review


As expected from RTG, graphics are flawlessly done. The main screen represents a standard one-on-one poker table, with player’s and the dealer’s side, along with playing cards and chips.

At the bottom of the table, the player will find standard betting buttons, fold, bet, and deal. The players bet can vary from one-coin chip to 500-coin chip. The chips are recognizable on the right-hand side from the betting buttons.

Apart from that,  easily spotted is the progressive jackpot button. It is quite standard in appearance for all RTG’s Caribbean games — a silver skull with crossbones on a wooden base.

In the left-bottom corner, the player can see a display with their balance. Also, on the left side, slightly above the balance, is a tag with rules. Players can click on it if they are not sure what to do.


The game begins with laying an ante bet. After pressing the deal button, the dealer gives five cards to the player. The player’s cards are all face up.

Five cards go to the dealer, as well,  but they reveal only the last card. In order to get a qualifying hand, the dealer’s hand must have a pair, a King, an Ace, or better.

The most popular Caribbean Stud Poker strategy is to raise on A-K-Q or K-J combination if the dealer has a K or an A in their hand.

If the dealer’s hand does not satisfy the requirements, it is a no-hand situation, and the player is granted 1:1 on the ante and the side bet if they have placed it.

If the player and the dealer have passed the first stage, the next one is up to the player. The player needs to make a decision, whether to play further or to fold.

The cards have typical poker rules of hand rankings. So ranks include three-of-a-kind, Royal Flush, a pair, a straight, two pairs, flush, four-of-a-kind, full house, and Straight Flush.

The general rule is to raise if you have a pair or higher. On the other hand, you should fold with anything less than an Ace and a King. Wit you folding, the game ends.

In the case that the player estimates that their hand is better than the dealer’s, they place another wager and press the raise button. Mind that pressing the raise button means that the player’s bet is twice the ante.

By clicking the raise button, the dealer’s hand is revealed, and the game ends.

Progressive Jackpot

As already said, progressive jackpot feature in RTG’s Caribbean Stud has a joined pot, shared with Caribbean Hold’em and Draw.

The player can choose this feature before the dealer announces, “No more bets.” It is a side bet that provides the player with the opportunity to win only part of the jackpot or the entire pol.

The better the 5-card hand is, the larger will be the prize. With a one-coin chip, wins are as follows:

Flush — 75

Full House — 100

Four-of-a-Kind poker hand — 500

Straight Flush — 10% of the progressive jackpot

Royal Flush — entire jackpot.

A unique variation of a 5-card draw game, Caribbean Stud Poker by RTG attracts all lovers of five-card games and other table games like Blackjack.

Players should be aware that this game is not for the impatient and inexperienced ones. The game demands patience, to wait for the exact hand, and discipline, which strategy requests, but one should not avoid it.

Try and exercise your skills and strategies in the free version. Then play Caribbean Stud Poker (RTG) and win big!