Caribbean Hold’em Poker


Poker was a game of our forefathers. It was no surprise that this game was one of the first table games introduced at online casinos. Hold’em Poker was no exception.

Caribbean Hold’em Poker

Caribbean Hold’em is one of the variants of Texas Hold’em and one of three Caribbean-themed poker games.

The game includes two-card hands and the player uses five visible cards, which was adopted from Texas Hold’em. Simultaneously, it integrates one-on-one rule from games like Blackjack or Baccarat.

In that manner, the game becomes highly intoxicating and challenging. Playing Caribbean Hold’em demand excellent strategy skills and sense for a proper decision at the right moment.

Although the player has only one challenger, the dealer, they can’t be at ease, and the first flop will remind them that it is all about Hold’em. In this game the participant is not submitted to the mercy of eight old poker sharks that await to devour the player’s bankroll.

So Caribbean Hold’em offers limited risk, because of limited bets. Also, there is a beloved progressive jackpot.

Caribbean Hold’em Poker RTG Review

This Caribbean Hold’em Poker excels due to its provider, RealTime Gaming (RTG). Only by the firm’s name, one can count on great graphics and sound.

RTG was established in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is known as an outstanding software provider for a high number of respected casinos around the globe.

RTG is mostly known for its great variety of online slot games. But do not be fooled, its table games are the best.


As the provider’s name promises, the graphics and the design are the top class. The main game screen represents the standard poker table, with playing cards and chips.

At the bottom of the table are betting buttons, fold, call, and deal. The player can decide on the size of their bet, choosing chips from 1 to 500.

Also, on the right-hand side from chips is a  button for progressive jackpot feature. The button is easily recognizable by a silver skull with crossbones on a wooden plate.


To enter Caribbean Hold’em Poker by RTG, the player places the mandatory ante. The amount depends on the participant’s bankroll. After choosing quantity of the bet, they press the deal button. Now, the dealer hands you two exposed cards and two hidden cards for themselves.

Next, the dealer will place three shared cards at the center of the table. The crucial window cards are known as the flop. The goal is to have a better five cards in the hand than the dealer.

It can be done combining two or one of the hole cards with the window cards.

The cards have typical poker rules of hand rankings. So ranks include the pair, two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush.

If the player thinks they have a better cards in the hand than the dealer, they can call to put another bet. This bet will be twice the size of the ante.

But if the player considers the dealer’s hand better, they can fold, and this part of game will be over. Contrarily, if the player decides to proceed against the odds and lose, the bank gets the ante and calls bets.

The dealer qualifies if they have a minimum a pair of fours or better. In a case that they can’t be eligible, the player can make a call and win the ante and the call bet.

However, if both the player and the dealer have the hand of same quality after the player’s call, that round is called push. The player is granted original bet back.

Progressive Jackpot Feature

Caribbean Hold’em Poker has the most profitable progressive jackpot feature. It is a side bet, and the player has to make an additional bet to be qualified to win a part of a jackpot or all of it. The payout depends on the rank of the player’s hand.

In order to acquire the right for the progressive jackpot, the player has to bet one coin chip as the blind side bet. That means the player has no notion about the result of the hand. The jackpot in the Caribbean Hold’em Poker is based on a five-card hand made combining the two dealt cards and five window cards.

Caribbean Hold’em Poker by RTG is easy to play, and the odds are favorable because the player is confronted only with the dealer. On the other hand, it is safer than other kinds of poker because the player decides about their wagers after dealing.