Caribbean Draw Poker Game Review


Lately, one of favorite table games in online casinos is Caribbean Draw Poker. Why did poker lovers switch to draw poker?

Draw Poker and Other Pokers

Draw poker is a table game in which a player receives five cards before the betting begins.

In Caribbean Draw Poker, participants try to make a hand better than the dealer’s. Thus, the player doesn’t have other players as opponents. Instead, they confront a virtual dealer or house as in blackjack, for instance.

When they play old-school poker, participants do not play against the house, so they have to use various techniques and skills. Players try to out-bet one another even if they have an average or bad hand.

On the other hand, in this online draw poker variant, the player challenges the computer. That simplifies the game, which is useful if you are a newbie in the world of poker. Another convenient thing is that, in this version of poker, the player can draw up to two cards per hand.

Three-Card Poker is similar to Caribbean Draw, but in the latter, there are five cards which you try to use the best of your abilities against the dealer.

When it comes to structure, it is rather simple. There are the usual steps such as placing the ante, betting, folding. Now, let’s clarify these three terms.

Ante is a small amount of money that players put into pot when entering the game. In online games, ante is a mandatory bet. If there is a necessary, predetermined amount, the player just pushes the button to seed the pot.

Bet is a specific amount of money that a player places when they call or raise when it’s their turn to act. Fold or folding is an act in which a player ceases to participate. Simply, if a player does not wish to place any bets when it is their turn to act, they fold.

This leaves us with the term draw. This term means that, after dealing is done, the player has the right to eliminate a certain number of cards and replace them with fresh cards. In the case of Caribbean Draw, this is up to two cards.

Now, it is time to look closer at Caribbean Draw Poker by RTG (RealTime Gaming).

Caribbean Draw Poker RTG Review

Caribbean Draw Poker from RTG is no different compared to other Caribbean Draws in structure and gameplay. It is a five-card online table game.

Caribbean Draw Poker is one of the most favored games among online players. The fact that is features a progressive jackpot certainly contributes to this fact.

One of the advantages of this game is a shared jackpot pool. The pool is shared by other online card games of RTG — Caribbean Stud Poker, Caribbean Draw, and Caribbean Hold’em Poker all contribute to this pool.

Caribbean Draw Poker

For old gamers and poker lovers, the name RTG does not need a special introduction. But there are also newbies, and we did not forget about them. So RTG or RealTime Gaming is one of the best casino software developers and providers. RTG was founded in 1998, in Atlanta, Georgia. The list of casinos which utilize RTG’s software is impressive.


The table is set in front of you, and it is round. The graphics are great, and there are various themes for the poker table.

All is clear and simple. At the bottom of the table, there are three main buttons for folding, betting, and dealing. Above the bet button, the ante pot is located. On the right-hand side, you can find the chips, which range from one to 500.

The progressive jackpot button is next to the 500 chip. It is very distinctive, and it’s represented by a skull with crossbones on mahogany wood. On the other side of the table, there are the dealer’s bank and dealers cards.

On the left-hand side, you can find the button for rules, which a player can press to read the rules if they are not sure. At the bottom-left corner, players can see their balance, and right next to it, there is a cashier button.


Even if you have never played any table game before, there is nothing spooky about Caribbean Draw Poker by RTG, so you shouldn’t worry. After all, this game is designed like any other table game.

Before the dealing begins, the primary bet called the ante bet is placed. The player picks from the chip pile on the right and then hit “Bet.”

After the players have placed the mandatory ante bet, the virtual dealer will give a hand of five cards to the player. These cards will be placed face-up. Also, the dealer will take five cards for themselves, but only the first card will be exposed.

Now is the time for the player to decide whether they want to play further or to fold. If the player folds, unfortunately, they lose their ante bet. But if they choose to proceed with the game, they can select up to two cards to replace and then to place their bets. Two cards will be removed and replaced with new ones from the dealer’s deck.

If the dealer’s hand consists of a pair of eights or better, they will stand. If they don’t, they do not qualify, and thus, the player wins. But things are more interesting if the dealer qualifies.

In that case, hands will be compared. If the player has a better poker hand, they win, and they will be paid in accordance with the strength of their hand against the table. Below, you can see how each combination pays:

A pair of eights or higher — even money

Two pairs — even money

Three of a kind — 2:1

Straight — 3:1

Flush — 5:1

Full House — 7:1

4 of a Kind — 20:1

Straight Flush — 50:1

Royal Flush — 100:1

With that in mind, if the player wagers 5 coins and wins with a four of a kind, they get 20 x 5, which means 100 coins plus their initial bet of 5 coins if they wish to withdraw.

Now comes the most exciting feature of Caribbean Draw Poker, i.e., the jackpot. If the player selects this option, they place an additional coin per hand. The player can get a payout from the progressive bet, even if it happens that their hand loses against the dealer’s hand.

For the one-coin bet, progressive jackpot pays as follows:

Two Pairs — 4

Three of a Kind — 5

Straight — 15

Flush — 30

Full House — 50

Four of a Kind — 500

Straight Flush — 2,100

Royal Flush — Progressive Jackpot Win

For instance, if the player has a three of a kind, they will lose in case the dealer has a flush. Nonetheless, the progressive bet will be paid out no matter how the player performed against the dealer. In such case, the player will receive five cons from the progressive side bet.

To land a royal flush in poker games is a rarity. But that does not mean it is unattainable. Trying to win the progressive jackpot is very attractive and Caribbean Draw Poker by RTG progressive jackpot can astonish players with extremely high sums.