Bonus Bingo Review


RealTime Gaming has prepared a nice surprise for its players. Now all bingo lovers have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite game online.


Bonus Bingo is an online and unique variant of the adored land-based bingo. It belongs to the group of instant play casino games. As it is a game of pure luck, it is quite easy to grasp the rules and play. It is based on the classic bingo, but its special features make it far better and more enjoyable than its classic counterpart. Besides great entertainment, those features grant players to win nice sums of cash.

The game itself is full of surprises. The very first one is the exquisite graphics and animation provided by the eminent RTG software. The second surprise is its amazing bonuses and special features, while the third is the mystery bonus. The fourth and most significant one is the money you can win by playing the game.

Game Details

Bonus Bingo is an online casino game released by RealTime Gaming software provider. It is an extraordinarily fast and simple game in which you fight for Bonus Balls. The goal of the game is to match the patterns given on the pay desk. You have up to four bingo cards consisting of 25 spots at their disposal. The minimum bet per card is 0.5, and you can play four cards at most per single game. The point is to design a unique pattern on every card. To do so, you should match as many as 44 balls illustrated on the cards.

If you want to play for real money, you need to deposit money at internet casinos which incorporate the game in their offer. Having made your wager, you may play as many as four games at once. The greatest surprise is activating the bonus multiplier. The card that shows the bonus immediately receives at least the double of the typical winning sum.

Provider: RTG

Game Type: Fixed Odds

Minimum Coin Size: 0.5

Maximum Coin Size: 10

Scatter: Yes

Bonus Game: Yes

Multiplier: Yes

Progressive: No

Mobile: No

Game Description

As mentioned above, RTG used the classic bingo game as an inspiration for the online counterpart. The graphics are simple but appealing. The game design is bright and colorful, contrasted to the dark background. Every option is clear and visible, which makes the game easier to play. The sounds are acceptable, neither too silent nor too loud. The combination of these pleasant features makes Bonus Bingo entertaining and promises all players immense fun.

The entire game is quite straightforward and, most importantly, offers exquisite bonuses. They further grant you opportunities to play and win real money.

How to Play

To play Bonus Bingo, you need to choose your bet, then click the “Play” button. Immediately after, 44 balls will fill your screen together with cards marked with tiny red crosses accompanying matching figures. When you are about to win, the numbers become green, while pink lines point out that the win is guaranteed.

Up and down arrows on the “Bet” button regulate your wager, while the “Change Card” allows you to do exactly that.

Special Features

Hitting the center of each bingo card allows you to turn it On and Off. In case that all available cards are On, Mystery Balls feature is activated and may be drawn randomly. This feature grants additional credits. Furthermore, if all the cards are On, the entire Special Balls set is activated and promises the Bonus Round. It grants 150x the card wager. It’s important to note that you must secure five Joker Balls to activate the Bonus Round. Joker Balls are available only if you utilize all four cards.

What makes Bonus Bingo extraordinarily popular are its extra special features and bonuses. The game allows its players to win big by activating the Multiplier option. The amount that you may win is minimum twice as big than the typical amount. The multiplier is randomly assigned to any of the cards. If you obtain this option, you have the opportunity to choose the card that will multiply its value in the next round.

The game also offers an array of other special features such as scatter wins, a “Speed Play” alternative together with an opportunity to adjust your cards abruptly.


Even though Bonus Bingo is quite a simple game, it promises great fun and even greater wins. The game includes astonishing features and bonuses which grant considerable sums for the minimum wagers. Regardless of whether you just want to entertain yourself or play and win real money, Bonus Bingo is an excellent choice. Enjoy the game!