Banana Jones (RTG) Review


Banana Jones is quite an unusual creation. This RTG slot was released in summer of 2018, and it is based on the board game Snakes and Ladders. The adventurous storyline follows Banana Jones, whose plane crashed in the jungle while he was on the quest for jungle jewels. Now, he has to find the Temple where the jewels are while avoiding snakes and Leopold the Leopard. With your assistance, of course.

About the Game

To begin the game, you will have to place the minimum wager of $0.2. The maximum bet is $5. Once you make a bet, the digital board made of waterlilies, temple ruins, vines, and snakes will open up in front of you. Unlike other slot games, here you’ll not roll the reels. You will roll the dice instead.

By rolling the dice, you lead Banana Jones through the dangerous path to the Temple. You have a chance to roll the dice five times, and dice result ranges from 2 to 12. It will take 49 steps until you get to the Temple.


Looking at the visual aspects of the game, Banana Jones is an adorable cartoonish game. Before you start a slot, the storyline will unveil in front of you in the form of pretty good animation.

In the intro, you see cute animated monkey managing the plane and presenting you the way to the Temple on a map. Meanwhile, Leopold the Leopard is making a plan with his army of snakes to prevent Banana Jones from fulfilling his quest, and Jones’s plane crashes. The animation is followed by a soft jungle sounds, that help create the atmosphere of adventure.

Features and Prizes

Another thing that makes a distinction between this and other slots are prizes. Since there is pretty high variance, you can either win big or stay empty-handed. The top prize is 2000x your bet, which makes it worth playing.

It holds the possibility for Extra Roll, that will help you come closer to the Temple. It is portrayed by the symbol of a dice.

You’ll also find a symbol of Treasure Wheel, represented as a monkey head. This is a shortcut to various prizes. There are nine prizes in the wheel, and you will have just one chance to win any of them.

If you succeed in guiding Banana Jones to the Temple, you will have the opportunity to select one of the chests in there and get prizes represented by gemstones. These gemstones are in the shape of grapes, apples, pears, plums, and bananas. Once this segment of the game is over, you may collect your prize.

Special Features

If luck is on your side, with the right dice roll, you might activate special feature presented by a wheel symbol. This is a bonus that will earn you instant cash prizes, which you will keep even if you don’t reach the Temple. You might win from 0.5x to 50x of the total bet.

The Crystal Banana Quest is the main feature of the game. It will activate once you reach the end of a board, and gemstone you find in the chosen chest will significantly increase your payouts.

How to Play

Like many of the slot games, you can play Banana Jones for free or for real money. Many casino sites offer you to play directly from your browser, but you can also download the app to your mobile device.

Once you choose the way you want to play and learn the storyline from the intro, you can place a bet. After that, you will help your monkey friend finish his quest and earn you great prizes.


Though this game is quite charming, there are some downsides that you should consider. First of all, the gameplay is a bit linear, which means it will become too repetitive. The other thing is that cartoonish animation might not be appealing to some players.

Nevertheless, Banana Jones is still worth playing, especially because of the prizes and low amounts for the minimal and maximal bet.